Mobile Ordering Technology Patent to Capitalize on Strategic Transaction for Tiare Technology

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 29, 2015



CHERRY HILL, NJ: Tiare Technology, a provider of mobile ordering product and services, declares that their patent application has been accepted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, adding to the Company’s portfolio of eight critical U.S. and international patents for mobile ordering technology and methodology. This patent signifies the merits of the art allowed across the patents that Tiare controls.

Long before the introduction of the first Apple iPhone or iPad or any Android device, Tiare built its business on products and services that provide mobile ordering solutions. Tiare’s patent portfolio covers methodology for the mobile ordering of food and beverages, and other goods or services, in or around a restaurant or retail outlet. Patents were applied for to secure a place in what Tiare saw as the future of consumer purchasing. Today, Tiare offers a wide range of specialized mobile ordering products and services, and controls a collection of key patents with early priority dates

As the company is exploring a strategic transaction to capitalize on significant licensing opportunities and expand into new markets, the timing holds a greater significance.

“We are very excited about the allowance of this patent, It validates the strength of our intellectual property portfolio, at a time when we are looking at a strategic transaction that will position Tiare for new revenue streams through market expansion and licensing. “says Jeffrey Krevitt, President of Tiare Technology.