Mobilio Collaborates with eSecuritel to Deliver Smartphone Protection Plan

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

IRVINE, CA: Mobilio, provider of value added services to independent wireless dealers, has recently collaborated with eSecuritel, a company that has given phone protection for new, used, or prepaid wireless devices and have given birth to Mobilio Protection to help wireless dealers.

The offspring of Mobilio and eSecuritel provides wireless dealers an independent protection plan that is low priced single payment PIN based plan. Unlike traditional plans that cover only new devices purchased within a period of 30 days, Mobilio Protection overlooks this restriction and covers refurbished and pre owned devices along with new ones, which is proved helpful for the dealers as most of the devices that they sell or service are pre owned BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

To access this plan, users need to select Mobilio Protection from their airtime POS (Point of Sale) provider system and print a PIN receipt containing the details of the plan followed by simple instructions for self-register through either mobile devices or PCs.

 “Independent Wireless Dealers that serve the prepaid wireless market, have unique needs when it comes to providing a smartphone protection program for their prepaid customers. The program needs to be simple to sell, while meeting the needs of the prepaid wireless consumers served by the channel. That means the plans have to be PIN-based, similar to other products and services sold through the channel, and the protection needs to cover the type of phones sold and serviced by the dealers,” comments Rod Nakjavani, CEO, Mobilio.