Mobility and DevOps Helps Solution Providers Alleviate Interoperability Issues: Frost & Sullivan

By CIOReview | Monday, August 4, 2014

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: A new report by the research team under Frost and Sullivan reveals that the enterprises are taking proactive steps to monitor application performance. The reason attributed to this phenomenon is the growing importance of mobility and DevOps, convergence of software development and IT operations into IT infrastructure. The study finds that the market had earned a gross total of $2.55 billion as revenue in 2013 and estimates this to touch $7.19 billion by 2020.  

Following the trend, enterprise need to ensure performance while reducing outages and network-related issues is lending momentum to the global application performance monitoring (APM) and application aware network performance monitoring (AANPM) market.

"APM and AANPM vendors are also capitalizing on the big data trend," says Frost and Sullivan Measurement and Instrumentation Research Associate Rohan Joy Thomas. "With the exponential rise in digital data, firms require innovative solutions that are faster, simpler and that help retrieve information in the least amount of time."

The study also reports that in-spite of the growth; the APM and AANPM market still face numerous challenges like APM and AANPM product integration into businesses with a well-established IT environment.

"To alleviate interoperability issues, most participants are offering a phased APM and AANPM implementation plan, which enables the hosting of business processes with an integrated APM and AANPM solution in the least possible time," remarks Thomas. "In addition, vendors must provide differentiated products and services to reach a wider consumer base in the global APM and AANPM market."