Mobix Offers MOBX200 Frequency Converter
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Mobix Offers MOBX200 Frequency Converter

By CIOReview | Friday, January 13, 2023

The new device is available for sampling now and will support all of the worldwide mmWave 5GNR FR2 bands.

FREMONT, CA: “Our new MOBX200 is the first of a series of disruptive frequency converters to be introduced, as well as other synthesizers and beamformers compatible with any baseband supplier in the world,” says Fabian Battaglia, CEO of Mobix Labs. Mobix Labs, a global provider of connectivity solutions for next-generation wireless mmWave 5G and wired high-bandwidth cable networks, has developed the MOBX200 universal up/down frequency converter that comes in a complete True5G„ chipset with beamformers and synthesizers.

“These baseband agnostic products enable us to bring our technology to a wide global customer base, delivering robust, high-performance FR2 and FR1 5G solutions for next-generation wireless networks,” adds Battaglia.

Designed in 28 nm Bulk-CMOS, the baseband-agnostic MOBX200 is ultra-compact and cost-effective, offering seamless integration, scalability, and maximum thermal efficiency for worldwide 5GNR FR2 mmWave applications.

The MOBX200 is a 5GNR mmWave band integrated circuit that provides superior performance over the 5GNR FR2 frequency bands (n257 through n262) in beamforming applications while allowing frequencies from zero IF, low IF, or 3GHz to 7GHz for up-conversion to 5GNR FR2 mmWave frequencies of 24.25 GHz to 49GHz.

Mobix Labs is now providing MOBX200 samples to important clients and partners in many markets, such as consumer electronics, infrastructure, automotive, and IoT applications.