MOCACARE Introduces MOCAheart: An Innovative Portable Health Tracker
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MOCACARE Introduces MOCAheart: An Innovative Portable Health Tracker

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 19, 2014

PALO ALTO, CA: MOCACARE, a provider of health technology-enabled devices, announces that it will soon be launching MOCAheart, a portable health tracker designed to check heart and blood anytime and anywhere.

The MOCAheart provides health insights and helps users to notice the changes in their heart and blood health effortlessly. The people just have to place two fingers on MOCAheart’s indented sensor and electrode surface. The device also adds MOCAheart’s app based on contacts and messaging interface that notifies family members’ or parents’ health measurement or location. It fits into a purse, pocket or, MOCACARE customized iPhone case or keychain.

MOCAheart has simple, intuitive and stylish minimalist design with ergonomic shape and highest medical-grade stainless steel. The product utilizes medical-grade electrode to capture the heartbeat condition and blood activity including velocity, pressure and oxygen level. The measurement will be reflected on MOCAINDEX that renders heart health on a scale of zero to four: low, ideal, raised, high or very high.

“We designed MOCAheart to give people of any age an effortless way to monitor their health, and we added a communication layer so they could stay updated on their parents' and family members' health, as well as offer encouragement and support,” says Naama Stauber, COO, MOCACARE. “MOCAheart can be can be helpful to people who suffer from various medical conditions, not limited to high blood pressure, various heart conditions or risk of preeclampsia.”