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Modern-Day Media Businesses Embracing Local Data Centers

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 15, 2018

Data storage plays a vital role in the present media industry, especially when it comes to managing enormous amounts of data and working without any fault as production processes like filming, animation, editing, and others require a massive quantity of data to function properly. Meanwhile, media companies are finding it difficult to own necessary infrastructure facilities required to store and manage data. However, it is easy for the media companies to store data in co-location servers and access whenever needed.

Lately, media companies have turned their focus into data storage locations as a result of a number of customizable services which offer space and power for continuous and consistent uploading and streaming of content. Media businesses are also looking for data center solutions which are local to them, so they have the ease of accessing the facilities whenever they require. The current data centers are at the edge of the customers by replacing the earlier traditional data centers.

The services being offered by the data centers are the extension of the media businesses than outsourced services. This gives the feeling that the data center itself is an extension of a media company than an outsourced service and the company feels safer with the data management unit. The IT team of a media company can easily access such local data centers for any technical works by sitting in its remote location or visiting the data center which helps the company reduce their time and cost.

Many media companies have realized the issues associated with trying to get their own IT infrastructure in the media industry as it is just not feasible due to the space and scalability required.