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Modernizing Cloud Migration Still a Challenge? Try Containers

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cloud migration and the transitioning of legacy applications to the cloud have been of primary importance for the companies for modernizing their legacy infrastructure. Containers, one of the most effective cloud technologies make portability simple and easy. Containers efficiently manage n-tier application components like database servers, application servers, and web servers that too at the operating system level. They offer agencies various benefits including cloud provider flexibility, an efficient cost saving transition, and an environment for DevOps with a transformed infrastructure.

Containers let agencies easily transfer their applications to a new cloud service provider and run them without sacrificing quality. It also enables agencies to virtualize and dynamically provision applications with quicker response   time. Although Container has security-related limitations in comparison to virtual machines, containers are preferable over virtual machines as they share compute platform resources quite seamlessly whereas virtual machine platforms tend to acquire and hold resources on a machine-by-machine basis.

For making cloud migration less daunting, many container vendors are refining competing versions of container orchestration software, the layer of programming that helps containers knit themselves together to form business solutions. For federal IT teams, the container concept can serve as a perfect solution for modernizing their applications. Containers embark the infrastructure modernization by customizing and updating their applications rather than just migrating existing applications to a cloud environment. It improves the performance of the application.  Even though like any other new technology, containers come with their own set of challenges, they present an exciting opportunity to transform and streamline the cloud migration process efficiently while saving time and efforts.

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