Moka5 Customers Upgraded to VDIworks Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: VDIworks, a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution provider, is upgrading all the Moka5 customers to VDIworks by giving end-to-end VDI solution. VDI solution will be providing Moka5 customers a transition in solution by offering customized trade up program.

VDIworks enables alteration of trade-up program for organization and partners, where Moka5 customer won’t be paying extra for the transition. The customers can also enhance the solution at the existing cost. This reduces the cost of the solution as VDI decrease the cost of management solution by 50 percent.

The solution is tailor made to provide a better desktop experience for end user of small and medium businesses. It is compatible with any virtualization technology hypervisor, computer software, firmware or hardware that creates and runs virtual machines, and with any hardware infrastructure that delivers finer experience for its customers.

“We’re working closely with our partners to ensure we have full coverage for Moka5 customers who have been put in an unfortunate situation. While they’re trying to run their businesses, now they’re faced with having to pay for an entire new solution and this program is removing that problem for them,” says Saad Hussain, Chief Executive Officer of VDIworks.