Molecular Health Launches Expanded Platform Strategy for Engineus Healthcare Decision Engine

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 7, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Molecular Health, a leading digital health company, announces an expanded strategy for its Engineus technology platform to offer highly-scalable precision medicine applications and products across the major healthcare categories such as diagnostics, clinical decision support, therapeutics discovery and development.

Engineus is a system that integrates biomedical reference knowledge system with best-in-breed analytics, data display and reporting to provides decision support capabilities for healthcare professionals, enabling them to leverage the opportunities of Big Data in healthcare. It provides clinicians, lab partners and pharmaceutical companies the ability to make precise and individualized evidence based diagnostic, clinical and therapeutic decisions.

Engineus is powered by data from 24Mn scientific and medical publications, 76,000 drug-to-drug interactions, 6,000 biomarker facts for drug efficacy and safety, 85,000 gene variants, 40,000 drugs, 109,000 clinical trials, 270,000 protein interactions and 7Mn patient medical records for drug safety among other data. It is quality controlled and improves the efficiency of data driven platforms.

Lutz Voelker, CEO, Molecular Health, says that their decision engine leverages full spectrum of available data including molecular and end-to-end NGS testing, chemical, lab diagnostics and electronic medical records data to improve therapeutic efficacy, deepen safety research, optimize clinical trials, and enable new biomarker discoveries.

To meet the growing needs of the global healthcare industry for evidence-based treatment decisions, Molecular Health continues to add new data types, diagnostic technologies and other disease entities and therapies to its platform.

“Big data is changing the way healthcare is practiced today and further evolving the adoption of precision medicine,” said Lutz Voelker, CEO, Molecular Health. “The market need to improve healthcare efficiency grows exponentially every day. With our Engineus platform, we are uniquely positioned to interpret and analyze this data for actionable healthcare decisions across clinical decisions, diagnostics, therapeutics discovery and development.”