Monitor Smart Objects in Real Time with Gemalto's Innovative IoT Solution

By CIOReview | Friday, February 12, 2016

FREMONT, CA: With the advent of technological innovation such as big data, cloud and Internet of Things (IoT), the world has attained unimaginable heights today. Adding to the spree, Gemalto, a provider of digital security has launched LinqUs IoT Quality of Service (QoS) offer, an all-inclusive solution that enables mobile operators to monitor the cellular QoS of smart objects in real time. Moreover, this ensures the most reliable connectivity, which is indispensable for any flourishing IoT and M2M application. LinqUs IoT Quality of Service provides instantaneous network status and analysis, and straight away highlights any concern by making certain that rich array of data is obtainable and available.

Gemalto's LinqUs IoT Quality of Service is preferably suitable to a broad variety of use cases, inclusive of fleet management, automotive, smart grid, alarm panels and connected PoS applications. Moreover, the mobile operators can provide their device manufacturer and service provider clients with a comprehensible visibility of network and connectivity performances, assisting Service Level Agreements and building a highly efficient means of differentiation.

The advantage of LinqUs IoT Quality of Service is that it can be set up on the operator's premises or in the cloud for entirely outsourced administration by Gemalto. Real time data is collected via IoT QoS clients fixed in the device. All the information gathered by LinqUs IoT QoS is available via personalized Advanced Analytics, Customer Service and Service Level Agreement measurement dashboards. These feature an at-a-glance indication of the connectivity status of a whole fleet of devices, with complete reporting and map views.

“Reliable connectivity is the foundation of successful investment in the IoT sector,” said David Buhan, Senior Vice President of Mobile Subscriber Services for Gemalto. “A recent survey highlighted that more than 90 percent of operators believe they need to extend monitoring of their customers' experience to cover expanding IoT services. LinqUs IoT Quality of Service gives them the ideal tool to analyze performance, demonstrate their capabilities and deliver outstanding levels of service to clients.”