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Monitoring of Customer Data and Machine Learning

By CIOReview | Monday, May 13, 2019

From the time technological advances took a step up to become the backbone of all industries and enterprises, data monitoring has been consistently upgrading in sync. With abundant quantities of data being accumulated, the scope for newer analysis techniques has been high, and AI is considered the most prominent.

Recently, a major enterprise added Machine Learning to its collection of the auto-support cloud-based tool. The cloud-based storage solution, along with Machine Learning, is a prime technology that has helped in decreasing costs without compromising on data security.

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The collection of data on the installation basis aids providers in detecting systemic issues in their products to avoid the wiping out of an array of data. The solution to prevent a catastrophe lies in understanding the number of successful installations in the past. It builds confidence in the product when an extensive database of successes in upgrades and performance enhancements can be pointed at. 

The potential for industrial benchmarking also exists in terms of Machine Learning, comparing and tuning of systems to that of peers. The fundamental knowledge obtained uplifts the industry as a major player in the market. Roadblocks are avoided by self-realizing the worth of enterprise assets and securing it.     

Customers benefit from insights attained from the monitoring of data using improved products in both short- and long-term. Vendors get almost real-time feedback, which raises the operational quality and focuses on the improvement of processes. It is a by-product of increasing industrialization of IT that resulted in a path that led to improved quality of service with simultaneously decreased costs.

The process of bringing about intrinsic improvements in different industries requires monitoring and understanding components as a whole. In the latest IT environment, the system scans for insights within the organizational boundaries attaining inputs on internal occurrences, leaving aside the outside of one’s data center as invaluable. Vendors need to guard customer data and utilize it only as and when required. The information cannot be shared with third-party firms like data brokers, advertisers, or the government, because vendors are bound by contractual obligations to protect the data. Similarly, it cannot be expected of mobile app vendors and handset manufacturers with the same. 

To build trust takes a lot of time and to lose it is easy, and the other sectors of the industries can learn the art from storage experts.

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