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Monoprice Launches New Affordable Tech in Several Categories

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Monoprice is debuting an array of in-demand technology across various categories with the beginning of a new year.

FREMONT, CA: Consumers and enthusiasts alike deserve affordable technology without sacrificing performance.  Monoprice is continuing its ten-year tradition of debuting an array of in-demand technology across several categories with the beginning of a new year. The pioneering online retailer of consumer electronics, lifestyle products, and accessories releases its recent innovative additions on Among the new services are a new 3D printer, podcast streaming bundle, amps and speakers, fast-charging mobile power adapters, and the innovative high-performance certified HDMI cables, all products in increased demand in 2020 when consumer entertainment and tech at-home increased.

Consumers today deserve high-quality technology that enables them to pursue their passions, like 3D printing, podcasting, and music, without paying a price tag to get the great performance and experience they deserve. The company exists to bring simplicity, fairness, and confidence to technology options. It has developed a stellar reputation over the years by providing high-quality, affordable electronics and accessories to consumers and professionals.

Directly as an outcome of customer suggestions and feedback, Monoprice built a printer tailored with the passionate 3D printer user in mind. The adaptive touch screen makes it seamless to navigate through the updated and simplified user interface. An updated auto-leveling system will make starting a print faster and simpler. Less worry about leveling gives users more time to be creative.

Delta Mini V2 3D Printer ($199.99), a USB connection, and a microSD card port make for stable and fast prints. Control through Cura and many other open-source slicing software. The small and compact size of the Delta Mini V2 is perfect for someone who needs a 3D printer with high functionality that fits their desk or nestles alongside their larger 3D Printers. Monoprice has steadily developed a great reputation among content creators, audio professionals, and musicians for offering high-performance features at incredible prices with its Stage Right line of products and continues this convention with several new product announcements.  With the continued increase in podcasting popularity, the issue of complicated equipment has been recognized as a crucial obstacle for preventing more people from doing their shows.