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MontaVista Software to Continue to Provide Support to CentOS Service

By CIOReview | Monday, December 28, 2020

MontaVista Software LLC is renewing its commitment to offer CentOS Service MVShield to current and new customers interested in obtaining elevated support.

FREMONT, CA: MontaVista Software LLC, a pioneer in products and services focused on Open Source Linux, is renewing its commitment to offer CentOS Service MVShield to current and new customers interested in obtaining elevated support and maintenance services products and platforms on minor releases of CentOS maintained over the long term.

MontaVista will continue to offer long-term branch maintenance services uninterrupted and unchanged, despite the recently announced shift in the CentOS Project's strategy to concentrate future growth on the CentOS Stream at the end of 2021.

The need and value generated by the MVShield for CentOS product branch maintenance services will be dramatically improved by shifting CentOS Project creation to a rolling release model in CentOS Stream. Consumers will continue to concentrate on their primary products and value-add production while obtaining from MontaVista the requisite CVEs and defect fixes to their stable CentOS baseline.

MontaVista will proceed to provide its secure release solution offered today by MVShield for CentOS. The latest product branch maintenance service will also be available in the MVShield family in early 2021, providing support for a product branch maintenance model similar to minor updates of CentOS, covering the introduction of CentOS 8 after the end of 2021 and the forthcoming release of CentOS 9.

MontaVista offers the best of both worlds for customers who want to enjoy the benefits of the rolling release model provided by the CentOS Stream-based progress while making CentOS MVShield plan available that enables customers to take benefit of CentOS Stream's ongoing development and to pick customizations and components around CentOS to optimize their product baseline for CentOS.

"MVShield for CentOS is going through huge adoption from the market, and the recent announcement from the CentOS Project does not in any way disturb our plans to continue providing the highest level of service in terms of support and maintenance to our customers," said Ravi Gupta, President, and CEO of MontaVista Software. "We will further invest in our customers and the MVShield for CentOS product line by making a rolling release support model available immediately."