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MontaVista Trumpets the Availability of MontaVista's Carrier Grade eXpress

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 5, 2020

MontaVista focuses its efforts to work through the community OpenCGX project and align with the Yocto Project development model.

FREMONT, CA: MontaVista  Software, a leading company in commercial Embedded Linux products and services, trumpets the availability of MontaVista's Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX) 3.1 in Q3 of 2020. The CGX 3.1 release will comprise the baseline of components from Yocto 3.1, commercialized by MontaVista's Carrier-Grade build and test infrastructure.

The CGX 3.1 will contain the Linux 5.4 LTS kernel, with the Yocto 3.1 LTS build system and user-space applications, with features like trusted boot and integrity management platforms to reduce the exposure of customer's products on the field, field-debugging, logging and tracing solutions to enable lower return rates and enhanced SW quality, and very low-latency processing for latency intensive applications like industrial control and advanced data processing.

CGX 3.1 will also comprise enhancements supporting the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) facilities. The distribution will be designed to help the customer CI/CD systems by channeling multi-tiered access to software artifacts at various stages of development. This enables customers significant betterments in achieved high-quality and time-to-market since testing can be conducted at an earlier stage in the development cycle, and defects can be found and corrected at an earlier stage too. MontaVista is also delivering collaborative development services for customer-specific BSP development enabling customers to use MontaVista test and expertise to produce high-quality products based on the CGX distribution.

The closer alignment with the Yocto project allowed MontaVista to be proud to launch its product just a few months after the Yocto 3.1 release. MontaVista Software is a leader in embedded Linux commercialization. For years, the company has been supporting embedded developers to get the most out of open source by using commercial quality, integration, hardware enablement, support, and the expert resources of the MontaVista development community.