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Moonshot Jr Offers Remote Learning to the Students through Stay-At-Home Frameworks

By CIOReview | Friday, January 15, 2021

Moonshot Jr is using stay-at-home frameworks to offer high-quality, remote learning experiences to the students.

FREMONT, CA: Stay-at-home frameworks are a trend that is likely to last in the post-pandemic world in various industries, particularly in EdTech (there are several new unicorns in this space). One of the companies that is disrupting EdTech in general and education is Moonshot Jr. The organization provides structured, high-quality, remote learning experiences that are motivating students to surpass beyond their expectations.

The company uses an outcome-focused method and a SaaS-based monthly pricing plan. Moonshot Jr is undergoing a 50 percent MoM growth rate in addition to the $50K+ in revenue per month. There is also some smart money coming in, which includes investments by EdTech industry leaders.

Moonshot Jr's platform provides complete learning where students get a mixture of pre-recorded videos, learning through games, and Instructor-led tech sessions along with essential life skills sessions on communication, online marketing, necessary finance, art, public speaking, and more.

The four phases of patent-pending directed learning assist the children in discovering their area of interest by experiencing the future technologies (Robotics, AI, Game/App Development, Home Automation, etc.), but it also offers an in-depth study of the chosen streams. They get to learn productization and commercialization based on the product they choose to develop. Moonshot Jr helps prepare the children for the future by creating an entrepreneurial outlook based on their interest and aptitude.

The recent successes consist of:

• The 13-year-old Sania, who designed her computer kit and finished a successful Kickstarter, now sells it on Amazon and eBay.

• A subscription toy box to engage children with autism was developed by Samvi, aged 13, which led her to talk at TEDx.

• Shourya, the founder of MQBit and developer of the Tambola app that is available on the Google Play Store or on the Apple App Store.

Moonshot Jr earns revenue that positions it securely above and beyond the process of proof of concept as most of the other equity crowdfunding projects have a pre-revenue. It is not a simple achievement that the business has expanded to a 30+ full-time team of employees and 10+ products available on Amazon during its 11 months of existence.