MotionDSP Releases Ikena Spotlight - Video Redaction Software

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BURLINGAME, CA: In the process of providing video evidences to courts, it is important to cancel out the irrelevant information while highlighting the key evidence known as redaction. To this end, MotionDSP, provider of advanced image processing, launches new software, Ikena Spotlight for the purpose of video redaction.

Ikena Spotlight uses object-tracking capability to automate the process of blurring faces, license plates and other identifiable information in the video, eliminating the need of manually blurring faces once the users insert a face or object and enter the start and end frame. The new software aims at facilitating the process of redaction for Police Departments, by reducing the time taken in the process of redaction in a cost effective manner.

The key features of Ikena Spotlight include highlighting and tracking a subject’s movement, regardless of its location providing a well defined evidence for court or for press release and obscuring the irrelevant information in a video and focuses on relevant subjects or activity by blurring out the irrelevant parts and protecting the innocent by utilizing its object tracking capability.

"Our forensic video enhancement software has been used by law enforcement for the past decade, but lately, we've seen a drastic increase in requests for redaction software as departments implement body cams and civilians request access to footage. With so many FOIA requests coming in, police departments are overwhelmed by the expensive and time-consuming challenge of preparing evidence for public release. Ikena Spotlight helps ease that burden,” says Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP.