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Move Over eCommerce, a New Era is Here

By CIOReview | Friday, February 23, 2018

PERCH, the pioneers in mixed reality technology, unveiled their PERCH Shelf Touch, a technology that is poised to completely disrupt the way customers shop at stores. It is a first of its kind system that allows customers to interact with products on display to obtain a variety of product-related information, allowing them to make informed choices. This system also allows companies to display targeted and attractive advertising to entice customers with their products. The successful implementation of this technology is best illustrated with the example of their partnership with Sephora.

Sephora, a multinational cosmetics chain, has collaborated with PERCH to create the Sephora Virtual Artist. This system allows customers to virtually try on different types and shades of lipsticks, eyelashes, and foundations. By scanning a product on display, the machine will display how that product will look on the customer. PERCH developed this technology with the help of ModiFace, an augmented reality firm. 

The system connects displays at stores to a vast library of catalogued products. “PERCH continues to close the gap between digital experiences and physical products, so brands can design the critical immersive retail strategies that engage, inform, and convert shoppers into customers,” said PERCH CEO Trevor Sumner. "By understanding and adapting to how customers interact with physical and digital products, brands can deliver advanced and unique shopper experiences and see immediate double-digit engagement and sales lift.”