MSA and MapR Partner to build Data Warehouse Solutions

By CIOReview | Monday, April 11, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: Management Science Associates, a leading provider of diversified information management, demand chain data processing and analytics solutions in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) domain has partnered with MapR Technologies to leverage its Converged Data Platform to streamline its latest offerings with real-time functionalities.

MSA currently holds the capabilities to process data from 7000 distributor warehouse files and report its shipments to nearly 1 million unique retail stores. The data provided in these files is analyzed by MSA to provide its customers with actionable insights that helps drive their business helping them understand concepts like new product acquisitions, trade program planning and execution, while mitigating the voids and out-of-stock situations.

The next generation data warehouse environment being built by MSA using MapR’s converged data platform is meant to improve their analytic capabilities including the near-real-time predictive analysis. MapR has the reputation for owning the only converged data platform that enables multi-tenancy for data, processing and its users along with an integrated enterprise-grade NoSQL database that delivers superior performance and compression.

As MSA uses minimal hardware, MapR was the perfect choice for them to help them secure their solutions with solid replication and disaster recovery capabilities. “We really liked the global nature of MapR and the business direction they are heading in. It’s a business model that is going to succeed,” said Karl Herleman, senior vice president, Strategy and Innovation, IMS Division, MSA. In addition, MapR is planning to expand its analytic capability across different verticals to secure a resilient future for MSA.

MapR’s core competencies lie in providing their customers with advanced processing, storage and real time analytics capabilities that enable its users with the capability to fulfill their business objectives. “MSA is building a next-generation data warehouse, that will converge many data sources for analysis and help generate additional revenue and achieve a competitive advantage for the company,” says Jack Norris, senior vice president, Data and Applications, MapR Technologies.