Multi Cloud Environments to Benefit from Netflix Spinnaker

By CIOReview | Friday, November 20, 2015

FREMONT, CA: As a software engineering approach, Continuous Delivery helps in producing valuable software in short cycles to ensure that it can be released at anytime. In order to cater to the needs of multi cloud environments, Netflix unveils its Continuous Delivery platform, Spinnaker on GitHub.

Spinnaker is designed to uplift development with operational resilience, easy configuration, maintenance, and programmatic configuration through a consistent API. It broadly offers two subsets of core features namely cluster management and deployment management.  

Designed to manage resources in the cloud, Spinnaker’s cluster management feature comprises of server group that identifies the machine instance profile on which images are to be executed. It also consists of a security group defining network traffic access and load balancer that deals with the ingress protocol and port ranger to balance the traffic. In addition, it consists of a cluster, which is a user defined logical grouping of server groups.

On the other hand, deployment management functions are used to construct and manage continuous delivery workflows comprising of pipelines – a sequence of stages with automated triggers that can be configured to issue notifications. It also includes a stage that can be defined as the automatic building block for pipelines.

Spinnaker is a step ahead of Asgard- AWS deployment automation tool that makes the deployment and ongoing management of AWS resources easier. It introduced cluster, applications, naming conventions and deployment options. However, Netflix Spinnaker also enables repeatable automated deployments, provide global view across all environments and offer a programmatic configuration via a consistent API. Additionally, it provides the advantages of Asgard without migration.

Spinnaker can be deployed to AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. The GitHub package comes with installation instructions and pre loaded imaged from Kenzan and Google.