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Multiple Communication Channels For Handling Customer Service

By CIOReview | Friday, February 1, 2019

Having a good customer service strategy is an integral part of running a business. If a company is able to offer a product or service with substantially best customer service, customers are more likely to do business with that particular company. To make sure that a company is offering best customer service it is important to employ a multichannel customer service strategy. Companies can take a number of actions to boost customer communication.

Live Chat

Live chat is an application hosted on the website that allows visitors to connect with live representatives on demand, getting answers to customer queries instantly. It has the ability to engage the customer in real-time who wants instant solutions without needing to call. The major benefit is that the representative can handle multiple chats at the same time, and the opportunities for organizations to use interaction logs for continuous improvement purposes. It is easier to search for a correct service issue from text-based chat logs. Live chats can reduce operating costs also. The insights of customer habits and personas allow providing personalized interactions throughout the customer journey. Live chat when implemented will provide a frictionless customer experience by taking full advantage of its routing capabilities and comprehensive reporting.

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Ticketing is one of the important aspects of customer service strategy. It allows the help desk to maintain a powerful database that holds, manages customer queries. The service request is typically received through the online form or email. It can convert emails into support tickets and provide different tools that can help maintain a positive relationship with the customer. Having a dedicated platform for email based customer support ensures efficient management of queries. For some customers, the preferred route to a response is email, even though respond does not arrive instantly.

Knowledge Base

It is a library of information about a service, product, topic or department, designed to provide self-serve help. It requires zero effort by the user and they are always on. Knowledge bases can be both external facing for customer use or internal facing for employees use. Customer use usually contains FAQs and help guides. Knowledge base software helps companies build a dynamic FAQ system based on customer feedback. Internal knowledge base facilitates staff training and support.

Social Media

Social media has now become a customer service agent, especially for younger demographic customers. Organizations also use social media for broadcasting marketing messages for whom social is a preferred channel.


It harnesses the power of language, customer data, and context to deliver better customer service experiences. As digital conversations are the new currency chat is the most preferred mode of communication with the customer. Chatbots are equipped with the power of natural language processing and machine learning. The technologies allow bots to learn just like a human.

Carefully considering these use cases will help create effective customer communication process which can in effect meet business expectations of the organization. Companies adopting these technologies can enhance their customer base with a fueled productivity.

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