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Must-Follow Product Photography Tips

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 27, 2019

The need to pay for high day-rates for photography are over. With permanent per-photo pricing, product photography has become simple, fast, and easy to outsource.

FREMONT, CAProduct photography is a vital part of e-commerce because it provides a central connection between products and consumers. An operator can have an excellent looking user interface and website, but without great product photos, the business will not go very far. Consumer goods with high-quality product photography will almost always have possibility rates to be viewed, if not bought, by customers.

Pick the Best Products:

A major mistake made by many companies is to drag products arbitrarily to shoot straight off the storehouse shelf without taking a good look at them. Instead, they should select the best samples available so that crooked labels or scratches in the products remain invisible to the customers’ eyes.

Focusing on Quality:

Poor lighting, fuzzy photos, and reduced color contrasts are all common mistakes. Store owners do not necessarily require elaborate equipment to get valuable product shots. An abundance of natural light and a smartphone camera is enough to get the job done. It is essential, though, to make sure that the product photos are well-lit and in focus.

Main Photo First:

Most e-commerce websites allow for multiple product shots, but they must focus on the main listing photo first as the main listing image is the primary moneymaker. It is what drives viewers to the listing, and an enhanced main listing image is what will drive the customers to look deeper into product details.

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Creativity with Secondary Photos:

Secondary listing photos are where the retailer can improvise and tell the story of the product. Another one can be a detail shot, which gets classified as explainer images since they produce the minute details about the products.

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The Hiring of Pros:

Entrepreneurs tend to prefer doing everything by them, but at certain times, it just makes sense to hire experts. Though specialized photography can cost more initially, eventually it saves time and energy, leading to higher sales.

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