'Must-Have' Strategies for Businesses to Thwart the Adversities of a Natural Disaster
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'Must-Have' Strategies for Businesses to Thwart the Adversities of a Natural Disaster

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Strategizing disaster management with the aid of technology helps businesses mitigate the hazards of natural disasters.  

FREMONT, CA: When natural disasters and catastrophes impact businesses, it could be difficult for them to recover quickly and completely. So, it is essential to develop a plan to prepare the industries to overcome such calamities. A disaster preparedness plan can focus on business continuity and ensure that the business has a policy in place to bounce against such disasters. An effective disaster preparedness plan should contain the following strategies.

• Backing Up Data

Business data should be backed up daily to ensure that the enterprise can go on as usual without causing friction to customers or interrupting business operations. External disaster may come out without warnings, so business owners must have a habitual discipline for backing up information. Another area to consider is the usability of the backed up data. The enterprise should monitor back up jobs, which highlights the importance of testing. Adoption of cloud technology can make this process easy.

• Maintaining Communication with Employees

Business leaders should have an established protocol to communicate with employees so they can receive updates about whether their office was damaged and is a safe working environment. The communication plans and procedures need to be in place well in advance of the disaster. Multiple forms of communication should be used because it can be hard to determine which methods will be damaged when a disaster strikes. Social media is a good back up to alert employees with the updates.

• Risk Assessment

It is foremost to identify the assets an enterprise need to protect and then determine the threats and hazards that could impact those assets. Assets may include servers, computer hardware devices, filing cabinets, and many others. Creating a preparation plan can address all threats.

Ensuring that the company is prepared to face a natural disaster can bring in sustainability. The right set of plans, tools and strategies helps businesses survive after a disaster.