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Myths that Surround Cloud Computing

By CIOReview | Monday, April 22, 2019

Over the past few years, the cloud is recognized as essential to expedite speed-to-market of services. Even though it grabbed the attention of many giant companies, still it is prone to a good deal of myth surrounding its real value by revolving around security and cost concerns.

Check out the following myths that are surrounding cloud computing.

Only for tech companies: Cloud computing impacts business in all aspects and at all levels. Even small-scale business can use this technology.

More often security risks: Data security measures must be taken by the people who are leveraging the cloud. The cloud-service providers can fortify the security posture.

Better work experience with the cloud: In some instances, the applications which are designed to run over dedicated servers cannot be deployed on the cloud. It can allow only applications which are explicitly designed to run on a cloud.

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It is always cost-effective: It is always not profitable to run some applications on the cloud, but it can often cheaper which works best with range of workload demands.

Cloud is Virtualization:  Virtualization can be done by software which proliferates the instances of operating system, network and hardware whereas cloud computing results from that manipulation.

Cloud is not for mission-critical use: Cloud computing is adopted in steps and all aspects of the business including mission-critical applications also.

Migrating to the cloud is more hassle-free: Creating the process workflow with the most trusted and experienced hosting provider can provide the best results with minimal downtime.

Although different myths surround cloud computing, these are temporary which may or may not create impact. But, the next-generation cloud computing can underpin innovative industrial solutions by moving the bar higher with the Internet of Things.

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