MyWave Showcases Intelligent AI Personalization Integration at SAPPHIRE NOW

By CIOReview | Monday, May 13, 2019

MyWave, a leading SAP partner, unveiled its intelligent AI personalization integration at SAPPHIRE NOW, an ASUG annual conference held in Orlando on May 7-9. MyWave offers intelligent personalization capabilities by integrating AI with automation, which utilizes customer data in its database to create and deliver personalized outcomes.

MyWave is designed to deliver enhanced e-commerce and shopping experience by integrating SAP Cloud Platform with its contextual brain-based data model. It personalizes individual customer preferences, taking into account their family, friends, and personal ecosystem. MyWave has the capability of real-time learning and can memorize the context. It analyzes individual preferences and desired outcomes to gain a significant return on investment (ROI) along with valuable data which it leverages to form strategies, market, and maximize sales. 

MyWave plans to develop upgraded integrated solutions as a part of MyWave intelligent personalization and SAP Product roadmap. The new personalized integrations solutions are designed to deliver exceptional outcomes to businesses using SAP.

Many organizations which have adopted MyWave intelligent AI personalization have reported a 30 percent rise in sales, a 20 percent reduction in churn, and almost 200 percent increase in marketing efficiency. After the integration, call deflection rose by 50 percent and the organizations witnessed a 25percent reduction in call handling time.

The MyWave platform integrates its AI capabilities with SAP Commerce Cloud to create solutions which can not only deliver quick results but can also be deployed quickly. It ensures higher transaction value per customer and greater customer satisfaction.