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Name it and You Have it!

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 3, 2019

In recent times, customers all over world have been willing to receive local experiences and hotel upgrade recommendations from their usual hotels, keeping intact their loyalty toward the brand.

FREMONT, CA: The role played by technology to highlight the shifting expectations of modern hotel guests and the travelers’ tools preferences is significant as it also allows more personalized travel experiences.

Recommendation for Food and Beverages:

Guests in the recent past have preferred suggestions from hotels related to the food and beverage industry. Some guests look forward to having recommendations regarding dining availabilities for nearby restaurants, whereas a few focus on receiving upgraded room-service suggestions. Travelers have always been interested in gaining experiences like tasting local cuisine, exploring sites, visiting learning centers to acquire more about the local culture, and trips to wineries and breweries.

Desired Technology:

While many guests are uncomfortable about the idea of interacting with a robot during the stay, others have expressed willingness in touring hotels with the help of AR or VR. The modern guests showed considerable interest in availing improved in-room technology, and soon after, companies began to enhance their services with technologies. Besides providing in-room technologies, hotels also offer other amenities such as fitness center, spa, room service, and later check out times.

Home Away from Home:

Customers who visit hotels desire to have a homely experience away from their residence, to which technology serves them with in-room facilities that allow them to integrate their personal choices. In contrast, some guests want to use the hotel-provided smart tools, which provide all the necessary facilities over their personal devices made compatible with the service requests. To make the stay more comfortable and give a home-like feeling, customers seek lodging experiences starting from additional blankets to selected bedding along with better Wi-Fi connections.

The digital uprising is at the front of the hotel industry but needs to be utilized correctly. Hotels need to concentrate on providing both technologies and recommendations that can be used to raise their service capabilities to offer hospitality and not replacing it. While structuring optimal customer experiences, hoteliers should maintain a balance between providing new and unique experiences tied with the feeling of a home away from home.

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