Nanotechnology Provides Mega-applications for Military Purposes
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Nanotechnology Provides Mega-applications for Military Purposes

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 23, 2019

With the integration of nanotechnology in the military, the defense sector can develop various innovative applications ranging from nano-sensors to propellants.    

FREMONT, CA: Technology advancement has made various far-fetched discoveries possible. From synthesizing virtual environment to manufacturing unmanned aviation vehicle, the materialistic concept is made possible due to nanotechnology. Apart from the industries harnessing the innovative functionalities of nanotech, the military and defense sector is also investing millions to initiate reformative actions for higher efficiency.

Presently, the US Army is finding ways to integrate nanotechnology into sophisticated military applications. Public researchers and developers are working together to unlock the full potential of nanotechnology. The significant advancement in the field of self-repair, select removal, corrosion control, and undetectable coatings has already begun elevating with the inclusion of nanotechnology.

To fully fathom the power of nanotechnology, one needs to dig deep into the structural anatomy of military-grade equipment and gadget. From corrosion to substrate integrity, nanotechnology adds an extensive protective layer to sensitive surfaces.

Nanotechnology in Military Applications

Traditionally, no protective measures were taken to safeguard the valuable gadgets, which cost defense organization a large sum of money to build new weapons. Even with the extension of maintenance teams, the old-age machinery met with the same fate. Furthermore, the traditional painting system was labor-intensive and very toxic to workers. As a result, the US Department of Defense continued to lose investments on corrosion-related problems.


With real-time data collected from smart nano-sensors technology, the soldier’s and military professional’s capability to fabricate intelligence in highly enhanced. Additionally, biological and chemical sensitive nano-sensors can efficiently detect the presence of toxic environments released from biological or nuclear warheads. From ecological to technological aspects, the applications of nano-sensors improve the functionality of defense machinery. Moreover, nano-sensors can also detect the structural and functional micro-anomalies, which further raise the innovative efficiency bar to a maximum.


A highly unstable nano-sized particle releases energetic waves which serve as a fuel for long-range heavy missiles. With unique combustion properties, the nanoparticles can ignite large rockets almost instantaneously. Furthermore, rapid ignition and short combustion time make nanotechnology a perfect fit for upcoming innovative machinery. 

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