Nathan Johnson is Appointed as the New Chief Information Officer of AFS
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Nathan Johnson is Appointed as the New Chief Information Officer of AFS

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 11, 2020

AFS has appointed Nathan Johnson to the team as the Chief Information Officer, and he will have the responsibility for leading the innovation and procedures to excellence

FREMONT, CA: AFS has hired Nathan Johnson as the new Chief Information Officer. Hewill join the team in May 2020. Nathan brings an immense amount of experience and knowledge with him that he has been gaining from the last over 30 years in the industry serving.  In recent times, he was also the Chief Information Officer for Werner Enterprises.

The CEO of AFS, Tom Nightingale, said Nathan would be responsible for leading the innovation and procedures to excellence. He also must make sure that they make on-time IT execution in the organization. His immense knowledge and established results as a talented IT leader in the industry will also help him acquire and successfully support the implementation of AFS’s technical and business strategies. Furthermore, Nathan will be a significant asset for the AFS executive leadership team, and he can assist in making the company and the culture more robust and better.

For a long time, Nathan has been the frontrunner in Information Technology, and he has been distinguished by Information Week with numerous organizations. Besides, while also being the CIO at Werner, Nathanalso held the position of Senior Vice President and CIO for Ports America,a leading US-based port operator.Here, his teams used to provide critical advancements in the IT services and strategic technology investments. Johnson even operated as CIO with a numberof logistics corporations and consulted with the Fortune 500 organizations. Moreover, from Ohio State University, he obtained a double major in Transportation/Logistics and Computer Information Systems.