Natural Language Processing Eliminates the Communication Gap Between Computers and Humans
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Natural Language Processing Eliminates the Communication Gap Between Computers and Humans

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 11, 2019

As per researchers, NLP is surely the best option to bridge the gap between the way computers and humans communicate. Natural language processing or NLP is the capability imparted to a computer to effectively comprehend human speech the way it is spoken. NLP is a crucial factor in artificial intelligence that is dependent on machine learning. So what awaits NLP in 2019?

FREMONT, CA: Human language has never been too simple and specific. For computers, these two aspects are crucial. This is where a gap arises between the way humans and computers communicate.

Natural language processing (NLP) is one such tool that can combine computational linguistics with artificial intelligence (AI) to empower computers to impeccably analyze what a human being has communicated, and process the same.

NLP is booming and being leveraged extensively in the attempt to completely eliminate the need for computer languages such as Python and to enable direct communication between humans and computers. So what are the latest trends surrounding the NLP?

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Most of the ongoing attempts towards NLP utilization continue to be challenging, basically due to the disparity between the computer language and the human way of communication. Computers are programmed to work in a highly precise, explicit and exceedingly structured manner. But the human way of communication is more or less ambiguous and could change due to regional influence, social context, sentimental changes, etc, besides many others.

This is where NLP techniques can bring in drastic differences. NLP tools are capable of identifying sentiments; for instance, on online posts about a particular product, scenario, or feature. As a result, enterprises across the globe are utilizing NLPs to gain insights into the customers’ opinion on their services and products based on online reviews.

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NLP is also finding applicability in processing large amounts of online data. The volumes of data available online are increasing on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly complicated to process them and in turn derive insightful information. In addition, those looking for a minute or precise information from the huge quantity of data are often finding it difficult. Many of these challenges could be overcome by employing advanced NLP technologies.