Navman Wireless Introduces New Automotive App Suite for Improved Logistics
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Navman Wireless Introduces New Automotive App Suite for Improved Logistics

By CIOReview | Monday, April 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Navman Wireless announces Drive, a new suite of automotive applications that aids drivers in their job while streamlining the job of the supporting staff and the management corresponding with the driver. The Drive app suite is hosted on a 6-inch, Garmin-supported MNav-950 in-vehicle display that integrates with Navman Wireless OnlineAVL2 platform.

The Drive app suite focuses on fleet management, communication, navigation, dispatching, and documentation systems. All these functionalities are managed through a user-friendly driver interface. The end result is seamless communication, streamlined process management, and safer driving.

Features of Drive app suite include:

Clear navigation and routing: drivers can seamless map job locations and landmarks from an interactive map screen. The company’s GPS fleet management software platform enables managers to send routing information and updates directly to a driver’s cab, reports PRNewswire.

Voice-activated and voice-guided navigation: Drivers can just speak out and the voice-guided navigation assistance quickly maps the journey.

Paperless, Customizable Forms: fleet managers can create and customizable digital forms and send them as messages to a driver’s cab. Now there is no requirement for paper to collect customer signatures, or ordering details, or invoicing. Drivers can use the Signature capture tool uses a capacitive touch that enables faster and easy signature capture.

Trucking Attributes: aids drivers in having an engaging driving experience by guiding them for the safest routes and informing them about the restricted bridges.

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