NCP Launched Version 10.10 of Secure Enterprise VPN Client

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 22, 2016

FREMONT, CA: NCP has released its enhanced NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Client, Version 10.10, which allows secure access to corporate resources by establishing an encrypted tunnel across the Internet using an array of devices. New version comprises of functionality such as, Easy Hotspot Login—an open source hotspot management system, and Path Finder II—recognizes the unauthorized VPN gateway. The combined force enriched by new features ensures a secure and fast connection through public Wi-Fi networks.

NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Client offers VPN functionality, a personal firewall, built-in dialer with integrated 3G/4G card support and a Wi-Fi administration tool. Enterprise users can connect to corporate networks easily just at one click, without compromising security. The software itself facilitates the connection, sets up the VPN tunnel, and selects the transmission network and appropriate firewall policy, as per requirement. By all means, IT departments centrally manage all components of the solution.

Easy Hotspot Logon would become new automatism of the Wi-Fi administration tool that opts out the need of configuring the endpoint firewall rules. While at login-page, users can see available Wi-Fi networks, including the encrypted ones. When a user clicks on the hotspot of their choice they want to connect with, NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Client undergoes the availability of Internet access checking. If the response generated is positive, connection is made and if not, a hardened Web browser starts automatically. Subsequently, an encrypted connection to a VPN server on the Internet is established and all online requests through this connection are transmitted to NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Client.

Path Finder II Technology automatically recognizes the un-authorized VPN gateway via IPsec or NCP Path Finder I (emulating HTTPS). Then, it automatically switches to SSL mode and sets an end-to-site tunnel to the network.

“Free hotspots and Wi-Fi networks are widely used among enterprises, but they can be easily compromised, making them a nightmare for IT administrators to safeguard their network resources,” said Patrick Oliver Graf, CEO of NCP engineering. “The new NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Client offers enhanced features to ensure fast and easy connections while delivering the utmost in remote access security and management.”