Neah Power Joins Forces with Silent Falcon to Enhance UAV Performance
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Neah Power Joins Forces with Silent Falcon to Enhance UAV Performance

By CIOReview | Friday, October 17, 2014

BOTHELL, WA: Neah Power Solutions enters a partnership with Silent Falcon UAS Technologies for integrating the formic acid reformer (Formira) based fuel cell technology into the Silent Falcon Unmanned Ariel Vehicles(UAV). The UAVs has variety of applications ranging from missile strikes to assisting archeological map sites.

Silent Falcon, a solar/electric powered vehicle is an all , modular small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) designed for commercial, public safety, and military applications. Silent Falcon’s solar electric propulsion system, rugged composite structure, and three interchangeable wing configurations make it highly suitable for long range and long endurance mission profiles.

John W. Brown, Silent Falcon CEO believes, "The biggest advantage to having a Neah fuel cell on board Silent Falcon will not only be the extra endurance, but the ability to carry heavier and power hungry payloads. Neah will also give us the ability to offer extended endurance at night, which is huge from our perspective. We look forward to integrating this technology into our UAV for a demonstrable performance advantage and the ability to serve an even wider range of markets and applications."

In the whitepaper jointly released by the companies, it states the advantages of the fuel technologies. For instance, one key advantage of fuel cells are their ‘instantly rechargeable’ nature, compared to traditional batteries. It generates ultra clean electricity with no global warming byproducts.

This fuel technology could play a crucial role in raising the vehicle’s mission endurance by three times from the current rates and enable heavier payloads.  “Formic acid is a safe, energy-dense fuel, allowing easy handling, distribution, and refueling in remote locations worldwide, unlike compressed hydrogen,” reports Unmanned Systems Technology.

"The Formira technology uses a liquid fuel, and is a very attractive energy option as it does not have the low energy density, safety and handling challenges of compressed hydrogen," explains Chris D'Couto, President and CEO of Neah Power Systems.

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