Nebula Enhances OpenStack Private Cloud Solutions with Three Server Nodes

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Nebula, a provider of enterprise private cloud solutions announces that it needs only three server nodes for constructing a commercial OpenStack private cloud; through which Nebula bypasses the industry standard which ranges from five to eleven nodes.

This three server node solution is compatible with the existing workflows and infrastructure, and it has lowest minimum node requirement which includes one Nebula Cloud Controller and three nodes.

Running OpenStack private cloud on fewer servers is possible through this; and agile implementation of OpenStack private cloud is enabled through lesser servers and smaller rack footprint. The benefits also include Node-2-Controllers (N2C) Architecture which is a Dual-home server node connection which separates Cloud Controllers.

Cloud Protection Ring (CPR) Architecture included in this solution improves cloud solution through simple OpenStack private clouds network deployment and it also facilitates connectivity in multi-controller deployments.

Nebula has also increased the density of their Cloud Controller server capacity from 20 to 40 nodes. Customers can now build their budget focusing mainly on computing and storing; and spending less on OpenStack services.

“Advanced modern research depends on effective processing of massive volumes of data. In our case, scientists need to process data at sea, where computational resources and bandwidth are often limited," says Dr. Victor Zykov, Director of Research, Schmidt Ocean Institute.

“We now have a private cloud that enables scientific data processing, modeling, and storage capabilities never before available to scientists at sea, all without onsite support." Zykov adds.