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Need for an Endpoint Data Protection Solution

By CIOReview | Friday, August 24, 2018

According to many recent studies, around 30-40 percent of a company’s data is stored on endpoints such as laptops and other devices. This data is nowhere stored or backed up in the data center. Therefore, it goes beyond an organization’s control. If those laptops fail or get stolen, the organization loses that data forever. Regardless the losses of critical data, most of the organizations do not incorporate data protection strategies for their endpoints.

The traditional endpoint protection strategy involves asking users to copy their data to file server storages or enterprise Network Attached Storage (NAS). The “just copy” was more than just an unsuccessful data management practice, as it did not address the remote office or other tablet use cases. The first problem with data protection for endpoints is its mobility. In most cases, the endpoints are not connected to the corporate network. Therefore, the solutions for endpoint data protection should be capable of protecting endpoints across the very limited bandwidth.

The lack of a quality solution has created a second class of solutions aiming directly at endpoint backup. Similar to other environment-specific data protection solutions, an endpoint-centric solution may have the advantage of focusing on a specific problem, though at the cost of further complexity. In particular, the data protection solutions for endpoints are problematic since they often compel organizations to use the cloud for backup storage but do not provide the options to choose the cloud provider.

Businesses are looking for a solution that can integrate the entire enterprise data protection process to consolidate the storage and management of data that goes beyond the ‘just copy’ method. Employing an enterprise data protection solution should also allow the customers to make informed decisions on sending their critical data to the cloud. Customers should be given the authority to choose the cloud provider rather than being forced by organizations. The key is to look for a solution that meets both the organizations' as well as the customers' needs while integrating the overall endpoint protection of an enterprise. While several companies providing enterprise data protection solutions have given up on endpoint protection, a few continue to advance their offerings and provide solutions that are both user- and enterprise-friendly. 

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