Neilson Chosen by RB as Global Information and Analytics Provider

By CIOReview | Monday, February 8, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: Neilson [NYSE: NLSN], a world’s leading performance management company is selected to provide global measurement for retail and consumer information to RB (formerly Reckitt Benckiser), a press release from Neilson said.

Neilson will empower RB to achieve its performance goals through providing measurement and marketing analysis with its focus on Powerbrands and Powermarkets of RB under health, hygiene and home categories. This alliance will streamline the usage of data and analytics and drive RB’s strategy towards accelerated growth.

With this new partnership, RB will be motivated towards greater accountability of its services in today’s digital and ever competitive market. Neilson, using its advanced technology and new measurement techniques will support RB’s business processes thus assisting in achieving its outperformance goals ensuring RB to stay ahead of its competitors.

Laurent Faracci, Senior Vice President GMDx (Global Marketing and Digital Excellence), RB, says, “Using data and analytics we will improve efficiency and effectiveness since we meet our goal to outperform the market.” “Neilson will help us to invest in the market and capabilities that are vital for our bright future. We are happy to work with Neilson for we will be able to design the big data enabled industry in the future,” he adds.

“RB is our long term client and we are excited to take our relationship to this next level, including new services. We support them to accomplish their goals and meet their analytics needs thus making us a powerful company in the future course of the business. With our extraordinary knowledge and skills, we will together make our dreams come true by using data and technology that enhances faster and intelligent decisions,” says John Lewis, President, Nielsen.