Nemetschek Vectorworks Partners with Synchro Software to Support Open BIM
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Nemetschek Vectorworks Partners with Synchro Software to Support Open BIM

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 16, 2014

COLUMBIA, MD: Nemetschek Vectorworks and Synchro Software have entered a partnership to provide open and flexible collaboration between architectural modeling and construction planning Building Information Modeling tools.

Both companies are prominent players of open BIM workflows in design and construction and they improve industry efficiency with the implementation of open standards-based data exchange. They also support the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format as an interoperability solution for their customers.

“We believe systems interoperability is as important as supporting 3D data in our 4D BIM for construction planning and scheduling solution,” said Tom Dengenis, CEO of Synchro Software Ltd.

“A core tenet of Vectorworks is to provide designers with creative freedom, and interoperability is essential as those designers work with other collaborators to transform their creative visions to a built reality,” said Jeremy Powell, director of product marketing at Nemetschek Vectorworks,

Synchro and Vectorworks software were recently used for the construction of two metro subway stations in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In this project, Vectorworks Architect software was used for creating BIM models of the stations and precise estimations of volumes and areas of different building elements of the 3D models and Synchro was used to link the essentials of the model to schedule activities and to produce 4D analysis.

Benefits of 4D analysis are enhanced speed and precision in the studies of the construction schedule alternatives, greater flexibility and speed in decision-making, informative presentations of the work for external stakeholders via videos, and visualization of the structures and equipment in different stages of the venture.

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