Nessus Revolutionizes the use of DevOps Platform with Multi-Cloud Integration

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 27, 2016

COLUMBIA, MD: The emergence of cloud as a technology has increased the use of DevOps platform and allowed companies to preserve time and money by improving development speed and automation. Tenable Network Security, a firm that provides solutions for continuous network monitoring announced that their renowned vulnerability management platform called Nessus shall deliver enhanced security visibility and system hardening for Microsoft Azure cloud environments. All the three major market players, viz. Azure, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace are included in their coverage of cloud platforms.

Tenable’s solutions monitor and assess Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines to provide organizations with complete visibility into their on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments. Nessus powered Azure users now acquires enhanced visibility into assets, workloads and applications that run in the cloud that in turn leads to easy detection and resolving of misconfigured or vulnerable systems.

“The foundation of strong cloud security starts with knowing which assets are running in the cloud,” said Ron Gula, CEO, Tenable Network Security. “As the first to extend its comprehensive vulnerability management software to Azure users, Tenable makes it easy for organizations to embrace the cloud by identifying any known threats or vulnerabilities and remediating them before it’s too late.”

Azure users can make use of Nessus Agent, highlighting increased flexibility of the solution to perform localized assessments on these virtual systems and portable devices like laptops, remote or difficult-to-scan systems. The data collected from the assessment is sent back to a central platform through Nessus Cloud and Nessus Manager.  Additionally, Nessus Agents help increase the scan flexibility by making it easy to scan assets without the need for ongoing host credentials or assets that are offline. Large scale concurrent scanning with little network impact is also enabled. Some other noteworthy features comprise of advanced vulnerability analytics, reporting tools, and dashboards, providing organizations with a consolidated view of data across their entire IT environment.

Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft exclaimed, “We are delighted that Tenable Nessus is now available on the Microsoft Azure platform. Tenable helps our customers address the growing challenges facing their business-critical cloud environments.”