Net Medical Collaborates With BioVentive to Take Telemedicine Services Nationally

By CIOReview | Monday, August 17, 2015


ALBUQUERQUE, NM: Net Medical Xpress Solutions, a multi-faceted telemedicine company, joins forces with BioVentive, a private consultative sales and marketing company, to market telemedicine services to the healthcare industry throughout the United States.

BioVentive provides sales and service capabilities for healthcare organizations with a focus on emerging healthcare technologies and next generation genetic testing products while Net Medical Xpress provides telemedicine programs for diagnostic and clinical medical services to mobile companies, urgent cares, hospitals, trauma centers, imaging centers, jails, nursing homes, corporate health departments and outpatient medical facilities.

“Net Medical will benefit several ways including revenue streams from new products created by BioVentive, the geographical expansion of marketing and sales of our successful hospital telemedicine program, and the sale of our proprietary telemedicine carts for use in these various services,” says Dick Govatski, CEO, Net Medical

Through this partnership, the products and services from BioVentive based on Net Medical technology and especial products and services from Net Medical, will be made available nationally.  This includes the company's Specialist Services as well as new BioVentive products based on Net Medical technology.

“Our management team believes the proprietary Net Medical technology platform offers expansion capabilities that can open new markets and solve the growing need for better access to quality healthcare. We selected Net Medical based on their proven experience using emerging medical communications technologies to provide high quality service to their customers," comments Brett Nauta, CEO, BioVentive.