Netapp Is Changing The Game For AI With Its Innovative Enterprise Solutions.
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Netapp Is Changing The Game For AI With Its Innovative Enterprise Solutions.

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

NetApp is changing the game for AI with its innovative enterprise solutions.

FREMONT, CA: The idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for years. But it was not until recently that AI stepped out of the realm of science fiction and became a critical part of modern business. From helping enterprises make faster, more accurate decisions to preventing fraud in real-time prove that AI is a crucial component of daily lives. AI helps organizations in all industries around the globe to innovate and to grow their businesses. To support the business, departments are scrambling to deploy high-performing solutions that can meet the extreme demands of AI workloads. As the race to win with AI intensifies, the requirement for an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage solution becomes increasingly essential. NetApp is supporting the digital event and has solutions that complement enterprises’ AI efforts, including an AI control plane that simplifies data-pipeline and provisioning tasks for data scientists and engineers and the latest innovations for vertical markets. Read on to know more. 

The NetApp AI Control Plane addresses the AI data management requirements of the enterprise. With the AI Control Plane, data scientists no longer have to wait for copies of datasets. The organization no longer has to dedicate so much costly high-performance storage to store many copies of the same data. The headaches and hurdles that result from trying to track changes across multiple versions of the same dataset is resolved.

Leveraging open source technologies like Kubernetes, Kubeflow, and NetApp Trident, the AI Control Plane automates data pipeline activities for data prep, training, validation, dev/test, and deployment. With plug-and-play workflow automation, enterprises can perform AI training runs with automatic traceability and versioning. Exact copies of production data can be created in seconds, with no fear of interfering with production. Instant data accessibility generated rapid experimentation. Data scientists can provision Jupyter notebooks that can access petabytes of data while handling datasets, model versioning, and baselining from within Jupyter.

By working closely with NetApp, enterprises can deliver energy-efficient, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for implementing  IT resources in any environment that simplifies some of today’s most challenging AI workloads.

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