NetApp's New Data Fabric Sways the Hybrid Multi-Cloud
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NetApp's New Data Fabric Sways the Hybrid Multi-Cloud

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 15, 2019

NetApp Cloud Data Services help customers develop their businesses by allowing them to benefit from the delivered continuously, enterprise data services on their choice of cloud.

FREMONT, CA: NetApp, the data authority for hybrid cloud and a technology giant, delivers a flawless hybrid multi-cloud experience that involves the availability of NetApp, which is a cloud data service on NetApp HCI. It holds the ability to develop along with the persistent storage across the major public clouds and enables customers to manage, utilize, and pay for the cloud services in their desired method.

NetApp helps industries in bringing the actual power of the cloud to each part of their business with the help of a seamless hybrid multi-cloud experience. It provides the customers with a data fabric strategy, which is required to create a unique design for their businesses, in their preferred cloud.

NetApp offers its users with a genuine hybrid multi-cloud experience along with an unfailing service utilization model throughout the public cloud and even within the premises. It makes infrastructure-as-a-service delivery available for the customers on the premises itself and also helps them in acquiring new services and applications faster with NetApp cloud data services on NetApp HCI.

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NetApp Kubernetes Service delivers an automated Kubernetes deployment engine, application orchestration, and application marketplace with NetApp HCI as its platform. It helps the customers meet the business demands by automating management intricacies, without compromising on the performance. The service also frees the developers to shift to deployment from idea in a short time. Besides, NetApp HCI provides high-performance persistent storage, followed by smooth user experience, in an effortless, cloud-like consumption experience.

A data fabric offers a general skeleton for a classic hybrid multi-cloud experience. NetApp, in the bigger picture, helps customers to create their unique data fabric to determine, incorporate, automate, and secure their data, resources, and applications.

The new fabric orchestrator supplies a cloud data service that helps the customers in determining, managing, automating, and monitoring every data irrespective of its location. The pay-per-use offerings provide flexibility to manage, employ, and pay for the hybrid multi-cloud environments. The cloud-like, on-premises offerings are cloud consumption for NetApp HCI and Cloud Volumes Service On-Premises, an on-premises system carried out as the monthly payment model and the pay-per-use, on-premises NetApp data storage service, respectively.

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