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NetBase Introduces Personalized Audience Marketing Technology With micro@scale Advertising

By CIOReview | Friday, September 5, 2014

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: NetBase, the Social Analytics Company, announces the debut of, a highly advanced and patented offering—Audience Marketing with micro@scale advertising that gives popular brands the power of insight into their consumers based on social media interactions and profile. Currently, the solution is only available as a private beta to selected NetBase customers and partners.

Designed with an “immensely personal” view, this platform takes into consideration the customers’ psychographics and consumption habits, segmented by gender, geography, life interests and lifestyles. Powered by NetBase’s patented technology and global reach, the solution makes makes deep custom segmentation and psychographic targeting via social media possible for marketers and agencies.

NetBase Audience Marketing presents comprehensive and completely customizable segmentation based on:

  • Gender — detailed gender-based psychographic profiles broken down by factors including things liked, loved, trusted, bought, consumed and owned
  • Geography — regional segmentation by country, state/province and city
  • Life Interests — a customer perspective based on tastes and preferences, including sports, travel, media and music
  • Life Styles — a look at consumers’ interests determined by the type and intensity of their social media relationships as they move through life stages including schooling, pregnancy, employment and retirement
  • Emotions — an analysis of people’s needs, wishes, cravings, likes and dislikes, what they have watched, bought or recommended

Once the segmentation is done, the audience can be directly reached through the micro@scale advertising process, which enables direct targeting of the social profiles chosen. The approach is scalable to millions of profiles in real time. The brands purpose of deployment of solution can vary from improvement of the consumer experience, tailoring campaigns or building out followers within the category.  

“NetBase’s Audience Marketing with micro@scale delivers unparalleled social analytics capabilities, with both massive scale and granular detail of their consumer and the people who influence them,” says Pernille Bruun-Jensen, Chief Marketing Officer at NetBase. “For the first time, companies in every industry vertical — from financial services to consumer packaged goods to retail — will know not only what’s being said about them, but be able to target real-time within context and social profiling to deliver micro@scale”.