Netflix is on Hackers Target, Symantec Reports

By CIOReview | Friday, March 11, 2016

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: According to the latest research conducted by Symantec an American Technology company, Netflix app gained popularity for online entertainment from past few years; it is also revealed that the app has gained the attention of hackers too. The report of Symantec discloses regarding the malicious, fake Netflix apps and many other Netflix attacks. These fake apps guide the users to the Netflix Website but initially they integrate the system with ‘Infostealer.Banload’ Trojan that is designed to steal the user’s banking details.

Satnam Narang, Senior Security Response Manager, Symantec discloses to eWEEK that malware disguised as Netflix applications were likely downloaded by users who may have been tricked by a fake advertisement or offers for free or cheaper access to Netflix. While Symantec was able to detect the fake Netflix application attack, it was unclear how widespread the attack is. Symantec is unable to provide the infection rate at this time.

Symantec also caught the evidence of another attack that stole users’ information through an artificial phishing campaign trick, asking user to update their account details into a fake Netflix site. Symantec found phishing emails which looks like an official Netflix notice to users designed for hacking purpose. A recent survey by Cloudmark claimed that 91 percent of enterprises faced the phishing attack in 2015 and some of them succeeded as this is an old trick of hackers.

Netflix Generator is one of the Symantec tool designed for users that keeps them updated about the accounts hacked and stolen, and can be resold to others for reuse with the stolen user information. Netflix is working to minimize the risk, but users are advised to go with the safety measure to protect themselves from Netflix malware apps.

It is believed that Symantec and Norton products protect users against the malwarehowever Downloader and Infostealer.Banload. were detected to be fake Netflix applications.

Considering the risk involved, Narang advices to be cautious about the emails claiming to provide free or cheaper access to Netflix in addition to the technology that protects against Netflix-related attack campaigns.