NETLIST Partners with SAMSUNG to Provide New Hybrid Class Memory

By CIOReview | Monday, December 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Netlist, provider of high- performance modular memory sub-systems announces strategic partnership with Samsung Electronics to deliver NV-P, Non-Volatile Dual-in-line Memory module (NVDIMM) for Cloud Computing, Analytics and Other Data Intensive Applications, reports George Leopold for ENTERPRISETECH.

NV-P, the latest memory storage solution combines Samsung‘s NAND Flash technology and Dynamic random Access Memory (DRAM) with Netlist’s HyperVault platform. Samsung NAND enables up to 100 layers of cells to be stacked in order to reduce the cell pitch size and has the capability to scale up to 1 Terabit of data.  HyperVault is a file encryption app which keeps the files locked inside using a password lock. Leveraging HyperVault, Netlist’s breakthrough patented storage architecture delivers low cost, high density NAND storage to achieve costly high speed DRAM memory benefits, as compared to the traditional storage system.

NV-P solution initially targets the storage tiers where data throughput and latency are found to be critical. The applications of the new solution include: Big Data analytics, virtualization, in-memory database, online transaction processing and high performance database. This latest hybrid storage solution NV-P benefits large group customers to extract intelligence from the large amount of data stored in the storage systems.

"At Samsung, we are taking the lead in defining the right standards for storage class memory with industry partners, and creating new markets for DRAM and NAND flash memory based on the new standards”, says Dr. Jung-Bae Lee, Senior Vice President of Memory Product Planning and Application Engineering Team, Samsung Electronics.