NetMedical Xpress Advances in Telemedicine to Reduce Healthcare Disparities

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 16, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Net Medical Xpress Solutions, a provider of telemedicine programs for diagnostic and clinical medical services, announces the release of new Telemed Building Blocks Technology that is designed mainly for healthcare providers to create their own Telemedicine infrastructure. Telemedicine integrates the communication between patients and clinical staff, transfers medical data, imaging and healthcare informatics data from one site to another to improve access of medical services in remote locations.

Telemed Building Blocks technology is a robust browser based system that enables companies to assemble a fully-integrated custom platform to handle all their telemedicine requirements.

Telemed Building Blocks translates the current paper works and handwritten signatures to electronic signatures from remote locations. This technology allows customers to purchase Net Medical’s additional products namely: custom programming, call center access, program team management, Amazon HIPAA Cloud servers, telemedicine doctor network and WebRTC video conferencing between providers and patients.

The latest Telemed Building Blocks delivers timely, high quality, improvised and safe patient care, thereby reducing health disparities and costs. It also supports video conferencing, IT engineering, device integration, EMR setup, digital signatures and digital paper.

"When a perfect application can't be found and nothing seems to fit specific processes and procedures, we provide the building blocks that will enable companies to assemble a fully-integrated custom platform to handle all their telemedicine requirements in a way that will work for them and will specifically fit their needs.”, says Govatski , Net Medical CEO Dick.