NetNumber Teams-Up with HP Enterprise to Leverage OpenNFV

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 24, 2016

LOWELL, MA: NetNumber has opted to team-up with Hewlett Packard Environment (HPE) OpenNFV in order to assist telecom operators and notice NFV perks. This Open Functions virtualization tool strengthens partners to design, test and approve NFV proofs of concepts and upgrading market reach ability. TITAN centralized signaling and routing control (CSRC) platform is launched by NetNumber for solution integration of its signaling and database virtual network functions in the NFV community.

“Telecom operators are looking for flexible, multi-vendor NFV platforms to help increase service agility and lower their Capex and Opex spend,” said Steve Legge, Vice President, Corporate Development, NetNumber. Today’s telecom operator network is overly complex due to storage of signals, routes and database functions leading to interworking troubles internally and between network layers. Order is brought to this chaos by NetNumber with a portfolio of fake network functions that combines legacy with the newest signals, routing command and database functions inside single platform.

NetNumber TITAN is a virtualized infrastructure operating signals, routing strategy implementation and subscriber database solution in a common platform. Centralizing provision and management in integration with high-scale distributed, built-in memory clone technology, mixed with furthermore fifteen virtual network functions, distributes signal’s every single movement and policy implementation to best areas in an operator’s network distinctively. TITAN is changing the operators’ way of providing new services to their customers with highly substantial network center and minimizing operating costs.

“The HPE OpenNFV Program continues to bring together critical players in the NFV ecosystem to create and test proof of concepts, resulting in successful deployments by telecom operators,” said Werner Schaefer, VP Sales & GTM, Communications Solutions Business, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

TITAN is presently operating in more than three hundred fifty servers over five continents, and assists more than 200 Bn dealings every month.