Netreo Introduces Prefix Premium
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Netreo Introduces Prefix Premium

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Prefix Premium is now available through Netreo, an award-winning provider of IT infrastructure and application performance management solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Prefix Premium, the real-time application code profiler designed for developers, is now available through Netreo, an award-winning provider of IT infrastructure and application performance management solutions. By profiling, testing, and detecting fixes as code is created, Prefix Premium enables application developers to send fully optimised and error-free code into production quickly and reliably.

Prefix Premium, installed on developer workstations, checks code performance, and provides fast feedback on nine Summary Dashboards to troubleshoot and resolve problems. Summary dashboards offer critical information on slow queries, hidden exceptions, undiscovered blockages, poor download performance, slow web application load times, and many more, and a direct connection to issues that need to be addressed. Prefix Premium also highlights regions in code that can be optimised further depending on industry best practices, adding value and support to IT operations and business objectives.

Prefix Premium improves visibility into underperforming requests with comprehensive profiling, complete transaction tracing, and a streamlined log viewer that prevents time-consuming searches through complex log files. Additionally, the streamlined log viewer allows developers to investigate the content of suspicious logs within every request and move directly from a log to a trace for quick troubleshooting.

“Prefix Premium puts the power of a high-end application performance monitoring solution in the hands of developers, who can now ensure optimum application performance before being released into a production environment,” said Netreo CEO Jasmin Young. “An ideal tool for developers, Prefix Premium also delivers extensive business value by ensuring customer-facing applications, ecommerce storefronts, websites and other business-critical applications deliver an outstanding user experience at all times.”

Prefix Premium, the licensed version of the free Prefix lightweight solution, adds high-value capabilities by providing:

Data retention for seven days with time-specific context

Users can see connected requests, logs, errors, and SQL queries in a related trace view

Profiling and traces from compatible frameworks and containers are collected more efficiently

Smart Suggestions for improving depending on industry best practices

Connectivity with the award-winning Retrace APM system is built-in

And many more.