Netreo Releases Ground-Breaking New Revision

By CIOReview | Monday, January 25, 2016

Irvine, CA: Netreo ( has taken up the next huge step forward in terms of both form and function with the release of OmniCenter 9.  In the revised version, the company has completely redesigned the user interface and the workflow of the key products and elements. “We couldn’t be more excited about what this is going to mean for our global base of customers,” said Kevin Kinsey, Netreo CEO.  "We’ve overhauled and upgraded almost everything, leveraging invaluable input from our entire user community," he added.

Omnicenter’s new release hosts quite a few new features. The calendar and timeline-based views has been added to the Incident Management and Configuration Management functions as slick new features. The functions are also context-aware, that adds to intelligent and automatic data sorting. Users can now zoom into incidents and configuration-related issues and view all affected systems and sectors, along with related alerts and resolution-tracking.

OmniCenter 9 enables users to monitor their web presence and performance from anywhere around the world utilizing Netreo’s cloud-based resources. This draws the real-time picture of what various geographic markets are experiencing. Moreover, all these features are part of the quondam and the user friendly consolidated dashboard. All these features significantly add to the efficiency, powerfulness and intuitiveness of OmniCenter 9.

With the revised release of OmniCenter, Netreo customers can also leverage the choice of two separate release tracks. The ‘Stable’ track is geared towards “five nines” environments and the ‘Early Feature Release’ track is ideal for customers seeking cutting-edge feature releases as they come out.

Netreo is a privately-held, internally-funded California corporation offering widely deployed and proven solutions to both enterprise and public sector companies. OmniCenter is Netreo’s core product that provides cost-effective and easy-to-deploy application, network, and systems management. Its hybrid-cloud architecture is deployable in minutes enabling users to see Servers, Network, Applications, Telephony, and Virtualization irrespective of geographical location.