Network Instruments Releases New GigaStor Portable 10 Gb Wire SpeedRNA Appliance

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 23, 2015

MILPITAS, CA: Network Instruments, a JDSU Performance Management Solutionand a provider of application and network management has come up with new GigaStor Portable 10 Gb Wire Speed retrospective network analysis (RNA) appliance to stream traffic to disk at full line rate on full-duplex 10 Gb links without dropping packets.

The GigaStor Portable 10 Gb Wire Speed with SSD provides 6 TB of raw storage capacity, and includes the cabling and nTAP needed to install the appliance on any 10 Gb network and start recording traffic.

GigaStor Portable's insight help engineers save time without which they may need to spend hours replicating a network error before they can diagnose its cause. GigaStor Portable can be deployed to any remote location to collect and save weeks of packet-level data, which it can decode, analyze, and display.

"For network engineers, remotely troubleshooting high-speed networks used to mean leaving powerful RNA tools behind, and relying on a software sniffer and laptop to capture and diagnose problems," says Charles Thompson, chief technology officer, Network Instruments. "The new GigaStor Portable enables enterprises and service providers with faster links to accurately and quickly resolve issues by having all the packets available for immediate analysis. Additionally, teams can save time and money by minimizing repeat offsite visits and remotely accessing the appliance."