New ACCE Features Allows Clients to Migrate Every Object of Workload Automation Solution

By CIOReview | Monday, August 31, 2015

WOODBURRY, MN: Expanding the reach of its flagship product Automation Change Control Expert (ACCE), Arbiter recently announced an upgrade to its software. Version 2.6 of this product will provide users the ability to manage all changes to workload objects and automate the migration lifecycle from beginning to the end.

Building on its Workload Automation Lifecycle Management software, ACCE will leverage migration of all objects in its CA Workload Automation AE (formerly CA AutoSys) environments that includes machines, calendars, global variables. It will also enhance job definition, which featured on its previous releases.  It has additional capabilities for reporting and allowing clients to visualize the job changes, job runs and even job failures by application.

The software package provides object level lifecycle management resulting in end to end visibility and control over changes, improved security and reduced risk to production.

Workload Automation environments continue to expand beyond the traditional batch scheduling into areas such as Java Applications and Database Monitoring and Management. With this expansion, IT Operations departments are asked to augment the growth by finding ways to do more with less. With even less staff than before IT Operations departments face constant pressure from management to continue to grow all the while ensuring accuracy of all WA changes in the environment.

Enter ACCE, which performs all the necessary checks and validations of every single job in the request against the validation engine to ensure that all jobs related to the change are thoroughly checked before they migrate to production. This allows the IT operations staff to handle additional workloads while increasing the accuracy of changes being migrated.

“The ability to edit jobs in this release is one of two steps to allow ACCE to eventually track our users as they create jobs. As they use the job editor feature, ACCE learns their behavior to the point where ACCE can create the jobs for them without them hitting a single key,” says Kim Eccles, Director of Development, Arbiter Software.