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New Alliance to Offer Rapid Technology Skills Training to Fuel Regional Technology Job Careers

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Cultivating a regional information technology talent pool is key to Tucson's long-term economic development, and the highly innovative and scalable program will help accelerate that.

FREMONT, CA: Tucson Information Technology Skills Alliance announces that it bags an Economic & Workforce Development Grant by the City of Tucson. With this, underserved adults in the Tucson area can train for high-growth information technology careers. The recent Transmosis formed Alliance, a nationally recognized pioneer in information technology workforce development, will implement a proprietary virtual training model that enables applicants to become rapidly skilled in employer-driven information technology that leads to vital industry certifications and employment.

The Alliance collaborates between the Community Investment Corporation (CIC), Tucson-based tech accelerator Go For Vertical, and Transmosis Corporation, a nationally recognized information technology workforce developer.  The objective of the Alliance is to provide an intensive information technology training program to residents of the Tucson area with a focus on the unemployed, minorities, low-wage career changers, and veterans. This is especially essential as Tucson has witnessed 90 percent growth in technology jobs and 29 percent growth in tech job wages over the last few years while employers struggled to fill the open positions with qualified local candidates, according to Tucson Business Insider.

The demand for a highly trained, agile, and robust technology workforce is increasingly evident in Tucson, where talent is often outsourced into the region rather than developed in the local workforce. Meeting this requirement for qualified local IT professionals can transform that trend and is vital for attracting and keeping businesses and a steady job and wage growth.

Transmosis is a recognized information technology workforce developer that allows American workers to develop careers in the information technology industry.  Transmosis workforce consortiums have retrained thousands of workers by assisting individuals in addressing skill gaps through state and federal training dollars.