New Comprehensive Analytical Solution Enabling Excellent Equipment Utility
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New Comprehensive Analytical Solution Enabling Excellent Equipment Utility

By CIOReview | Friday, July 19, 2019
W.K. Choi, CEO

W.K. Choi, CEO

Combination of adaptive intelligence and equipment engineering solutions results in a smart system for manufacturing maintenance and advancement.    

FREMONT, CA: Transforming the manufacturing industry, BISTel, an Adaptive Intelligent (A.I.) application and Equipment Engineering Solutions (EES) company presents Health Monitoring and Predictive (HMP) maintenance solutions. The newly launched innovation enables the manufacturers to access actionable real-time insights into the health of their equipment and improve performance. It increases the equipment utility for better uptime and productivity. HMP system provides an interface to the users for fault detections, fault classification, and Remaining Useful Life (RUL) prediction.  

The A.I. powered equipment, HMP efficiently tackles the significant challenges faced by the manufactures, which are high quality, manufacturing productivity and equipment maintenance. The smart system allows the user to trace analysis of historical and real-time data completely. The fault detection alert and RUL help to maintain the equipment's condition regularly, preventing the low service delivery by disabling the unscheduled downtime. HMP scans the manufacturing assets like motors in real-time, identifying the potential failure. It also examines the user-provided data to identify patterns to indicate specific failure classification. Comparing the previous data, it features to predict RUL of the equipment for necessary maintenance or replacement.

 "Even five years ago, manufacturers were more focused on productivity and quality. Now, everyone is pretty much on the same level in terms of quality, and the priority has shifted to efficiencies and optimization. By getting the most out of each asset, our customers enjoy a bigger impact on year-end financial outcomes," quotes W.K. Choi, CEO of BISTel.

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Winning a global feature as one of the Top 50 IoT Companies in CIOReview, BISTel's solutions and process offer comprehensive analytical solutions to identify the source of equipment failure. The system is designed to integrate predictive analytics module into the client's operations and prevents any future issue. It collects, manages and analyzes data, monitors the health of machines and equipment, optimizes the workflow and detects the problematic area to reduce the risk in manufacturing. BISTel provides real-time monitoring information with advanced data analytics solutions for manufacturing customers across the globe.